Saudi Women Can Now Drive. Beating Beliefs on Gender Will Be Harder.


JIDDA, Saudi Arabia — What if, for a long time, government-run schools and mosques instructed a similar hold back — that ladies’ brains were littler than men’s and couldn’t process complex data, that it was dishonorable for ladies to associate freely with outsiders, that sitting in the driver’s seat of an auto could cause birth deserts for a pregnant lady’s tyke?

And after that, imagine a scenario in which the administration abruptly turned around itself.

The Saudi ruler reported nine months prior that he would allow ladies the lawful appropriate to drive. In any case, numerous Saudis were all the while attempting to process their new reality on Sunday, the primary day that upset what had been a standout amongst the most hallowed disallowances in the outright government.

It’s indistinct exactly what number of Saudi ladies rioted to commend their new flexibilities. The administration reported that many ladies would have their licenses by Sunday. Bureaucratic deferrals have shielded several thousands more from getting their licenses in time for the notable day.


The Saudi activity police on watch after the ladies’ driving boycott was lifted on Sunday.CreditTasneem Alsultan for The New York Times

In any case, numerous in this country of 33 million were thinking about nervousness over this new flexibility, both inside families who never got tied up with the generalization that ladies ought to be quiet down at home, and the individuals who genuinely accepted what they had been instructed since adolescence.


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