Chipotle Will Test a Quesadilla, and a New Strategy


Tortillas. Meat. Cheddar. Salsa. What’s so convoluted about a quesadilla?

Bounty, for Chipotle Mexican Grill. The eatery network declared Thursday that it will include five new menu things — quesadillas, nachos, chocolate milkshakes, avocado tostadas and a refreshed plate of mixed greens — at its test kitchen in New York City, for inevitable rollout across the nation.

However, while most cheap food organizations acquaint new items routinely with get individuals in the entryway, such changes are contradictory to the purposely restricted menu that incorporated Chipotle with a $13 billion organization.

New flame broils must be bought. The mechanical production system must be re-arranged. At the point when those quesadillas at long last hit the market, Chipotle essentially should get them right. A string of sustenance borne sicknesses and a product of new eateries have driven a significant number of Chipotle’s clients toward its rivals, and now the organization is retooling its menu to win them back.

Chipotle’s 2,500 accumulates set up to make sustenances that go astray uncontrollably from the essential menu of burritos, dishes, plates of mixed greens and tacos. The flame broils, for example, are intended to warm up tortillas in no time flat. In any case, they take over two minutes to cook a quesadilla, which a few stores effectively offer as an off-menu thing. That is an unending length of time for an eatery like Chipotle, which falls inside the “snappy administration” class that incorporates junk food and its somewhat more upscale cousin, quick easygoing.
In a meeting on Wednesday, Chipotle’s CEO, Brian Niccol, recognized that a bite effectively aced by the normal hungry tween ends up trickier on an across the nation scale. “We’re not assembled right currently to make an extraordinary quesadilla,” he said. “The most dire outcome imaginable is the individual before you arranges a quesadilla.”

Chipotle as of now offers a little cheddar quesadilla on its kids’ menu, yet the adult adaptation — a greater tortilla with meats, salsas and different garnishes — is more confused.Mr. Niccol included: “That will back you off. We need to settle that.”

So Chipotle is testing. It will offer the five things at its NEXT test kitchen in Manhattan, at that point extend to a more extensive gathering of stores, making changes en route. The trap will present the items without backing off the sequential construction system.

The last time Chipotle offered another item — queso, last September, to a lot of promotion — pundits panned the taste, and the organization was compelled to modify the formula.


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