Mass brawl erupts in Australia, Philippines basketball game


A mass fight emitted in a b-ball coordinate amongst Australia and the Philippines Monday bringing about 13 players being shot out from the court.

Video indicates punches, kicks and protests being tossed after a skirmish broke out with a little more than four minutes left in the second from last quarter of the 2019 World Cup qualifying tie.

The Philippines was left with only two qualified players previously the match was ended toward the finish of the second from last quarter. The last score recorded as 89-53 to Australia on the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) site.

“Ball Australia profoundly laments the episode in today around evening time’s match between the Boomers (Australia) and the Philippines in Manila,” read an announcement from Basketball Australia CEO Anthony Moore.

“We are to a great degree disillusioned with what happened and our part in it.

“This isn’t the soul in which game ought to be played and absolutely not in the soul in which we plan to play ball.

“We apologize to our fans and will anticipate the punishments to be passed on.”

The battle was started when Australia player Chris Goulding was pushed to the floor. FIBA has declared it has opened disciplinary procedures against the two groups.


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