Travel Guide: 24 hours in Luxembourg


In spite of being an imperative center point for the European Union, and additionally the managing an account and other multinational ventures, Luxembourg City is one of the minimum known European capitals. Despite the fact that it pulls in a considerable populace of expats (38% of Luxembourg’s populace is remote conceived) and a constant flow of business explorers, it’s not known as a vacationer goal.

This is a pity as not exclusively is Luxembourg City alluring – in fact, it’s circumstance on various levels and crevasses is fantastic – it has all the social, noteworthy, culinary and decadent attractions that make for a decent short break. What’s more, in the event that you have additional time, the somewhat little Grand Duchy has some excellent field a short distance from the capital.

Must Stay

Luxembourg City has an extensive variety of settlement, however non-business guests will favor lodgings in the reduced downtown area, the most seasoned piece of town. On the off chance that cash’s no question, the fashioner Hotel Place D’Armes – arranged ideal on the old city’s focal square – offers an extravagant involvement with costs to coordinate (from €320 every night). Simply round the corner, the more unassuming Hotel Vauban is agreeable and sensibly estimated (from €90 every night).

For those on a financial plan, the best choice is the Luxembourg City Youth Hostel which is available to all and near the old city. It is comfortable to the point that the Luxembourg hoteliers affiliation have whined that it takes away business from them (from €19.90 every night). The zone around the prepare station, only south of the downtown area, offers a large group of sensible choices, for example, the Empire Hotel (from €50) in spite of the fact that parts of the area are somewhat shabby.

Must Eat

Luxembourg has more Michelin featured eateries per capita than some other European nation. The two star Mosconi, in the Grund region at the base of the old city, offers awesome Italian nourishment. Luxembourg’s most commended gourmet specialist Lea Linster has her lead fine eating eatery in Frisange, a short transport ride east of the city.

The city is specked with sensibly estimated brasseries. One that likewise serves healthy, Germanic-style, Luxembourg specialities is Mousel’s Cantine, simply outside the old city. With various areas in the city, the patisserie Oberweis offers chocolate and baked goods as debauched and as any in France, Belgium or Switzerland.

Must Visit

Bock casemates, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City’s best vacation spot is the Bock Casemates, a complex of protective passages cut out under the old city. Another underground fascination, additionally in an old casemate, is the peculiar Am Tunnel exhibition situated underneath a bank close to the railroad station.

MUDAM Luxembourg

Mudam Luxembourg Collection: Marina Abramović (c) Andrés Lejona

Among the city’s host of historical centers, MUDAM is the undisputed star, with world-class displays of current craftsmanship. Composed by the planner Ming Pei (who made the Louver pyramid) its dynamite, cutting edge configuration is with regards to its area in the advanced business region of Kirchberg.

Must Explore

The conservative old city, arranged on a level encompassed by unmistakable gorges, is ideal for walking around by walking. The focal Place D’Armes is the place to begin and plays host to a Christmas showcase and different occasions amid the year. The Grand Ducal castle and Notre Dame church building are a short leave yet the genuine delight of the old town are the perspectives on offer at the Bock projection, the Pont Adolphe, the Chemin de la Corniche and different focuses where the level all of a sudden finishes.

Luxembourg Place d’Armes


At the base of the gorge toward the east side of the old city, the Grund region looks up the sensational slopes along the banks of the Alzette waterway. A warren of restricted paths, bars and old structures, the zone is especially barometrical around evening time when the old city is lit up. Associated with the old city by an open lift, it’s additionally conceivable to take a winding stroll from the Grund along the Alzette that in the end leads go down the precipices.

Must Buy

Albeit never again made in the nation, Villeroy and Boche is Luxembourg’s most well known brand. Its high-class porcelain and dishes is omnipresent in the Grand Duchy and the lead store at 2 Rue du Fossé, near the Place D’Armes is the conspicuous place to search for presents for the plan cognizant.

Luxembourgoise wine can be purchased anyplace in the city and the luxurious sustenance and drink shops along the Grand Rue, by the Place D’Armes are a cheerful chasing ground. Especially worth searching out is Crémant, Luxembourg’s somewhat lighter variant of Champagne.

Must Do Outside The City

Ehnen Wine Museum


Luxembourg packs a great deal into a little space. On the off chance that you want to spend your 24 hours outside of the city, the Moselle stream, which frames some portion of the eastern fringe with Germany, is around 30 minutes from the city and watercraft stumbles on the waterway offer an unwinding approach to see the area. The Moselle is additionally the focal point of the focal point of the nation’s wine industry. There are a lot of chances for tasting visits and the wine gallery in Ehnen is an advantageous place to begin.

Mondorf Domaine Thermale:

Somewhere between the Moselle and the city is the town of Mondorf, area of Luxembourg’s solitary gambling club and its best spa, the Domain Thermale. The spa offers an enormous scope of medications, a sauna complex and a hot spring shower and is an unwinding spot to drench away an evening.


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