Three YouTube vloggers die in waterfall plunge at Canada’s Shannon Falls


Three individuals from a YouTube travel blogging aggregate have passed on in the wake of falling over a cascade in Canada.

Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper were a piece of High On Life, who post recordings of their movement experiences.

The gathering stated: “They were three of the hottest, kindest and most determined and friendly individuals you would ever meet.”

Police said the trio were swimming at the highest point of Shannon Falls in British Columbia on Tuesday when they “slipped and fell into a pool 30m (98ft) underneath”.

Different individuals from the gathering, who have 1.1 million devotees on Instagram and in excess of 500,000 YouTube supporters, named the three on their dedication finance page and in a tribute video.

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They stated: “There are really no words that can be said to facilitate the torment and the decimation we are on the whole experiencing at the present time.”

As indicated by the Vancouver Sun, the mischance happened when Scraper slipped and fell, with Gamble and Lyakh likewise escaping as they endeavored to spare her.

Stoked are situated in Vancouver and were shaped by Gamble, Lyakh and another secondary school companion, Parker Heuser, after they ventured to the far corners of the planet in 2012.They chose to transform travel and video generation into an all day work and frequently advanced brands and goals in the photos and recordings they posted from colorful areas.

Their Facebook page says: “Revved up and ready to go is the demeanor to grasp the greater part of life’s chances with an uplifting viewpoint and vitality.”


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