Here’s Why Ariana Grande’s Body Paint Looked Oddly Familiar


Ariana Grande’s staggering “God Is a Woman” video gave us a great deal of symbolism to parse through, from the pop star pleasuring a storm to a field of hamsters (guinea pigs?) shouting into the void. One scene however struck us significantly more than most — Ariana bare and shrouded in thick lavender, violet, dim, blue and yellow paint strokes, swimming in a pool of comparatively blended hues.

While the hues inferred pictures of goddesses, the universe and other otherworldly magnificence, they likewise appeared to be recognizable in from a masterful edge. While is the reason when the lady who made the minute for the shoot uncovered her motivation was a Georgia O’Keefe painting, it all of a sudden all seemed well and good.

“The tune is about female strengthening, so a major motivation was Georgia O’Keeffe. Her blooms were so suggestive, and the thought was to make Ariana amidst a goliath Georgia O’Keeffe painting,” craftsman Alexa Meade said in a meeting with Buzzfeed News. She noticed that the American painter’s 1923 work “Dark Lines With Black, Blue and Yellow” specifically was an inspiration.Meade said she had in regards to two weeks to influence the scenes to happen, including deciding the best body paint and fluid combo for the shoot. “There’s a ton of contemplations,” she told BuzzFeed. “Paint is ordinarily more thick than fluid, but at the same time it’s water-solvent, and typically disintegrates and scatters.” After some testing, Meade ran with a tub brimming with veggie lover drain elective finished with paint. The last contacts went on Ariana after, who Meade credits with coordinating the last look.

“It was a fantastic flash of brilliance and masterful understanding, and I have to offer credit to Ariana for that one,” she stated, clarifying that while she had wanted to paint Grande’s whole body, the vocalist recommended simply completing a couple of strokes.


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