In a joint statement, leaders called for peace for Syria and stressed the importance of joint work on migration.

ERDOGAN= I would like to express my gratitude to those who respond to our invitation to consult on Syria. Our main priorities are the aim of stopping the blood flowing with full ceasefire in the field. We also had the opportunity to talk about what can be done to reach a political solution and to achieve stability in the country. If humanitarian political and diplomatic initiatives are not taken, the situation will worsen. With the participation of France and Germany, we have seen that the synergy captured in Astana can be further advanced. We have confirmed our belief in the territorial integrity of Syria. We called for the completion of the constitutional process at the end of the year.


PUTİN=We discussed the Syrian issue. Turkey, Russia, Germany and France, the future will continue to work for the improvement of the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic. A large part of the terrorists in Syria has been purified. Syrians must self-determination. The decisions taken at the National Syrian Congress in Sochi should also be taken into account. A very serious and meticulous process is waiting for us. Russia will participate in the negotiations as a guarantor country. We informed France and Germany about the Russian-Turkish memorandum. We think this is temporary. We hope the heavy weapons will be pulled out of the area. If it happens, Russia will help Syria clean up the terrorists in the region. I want to celebrate the upcoming Republic Day of the Turkish people.


MACRON=I thank Erdoğan for accepting us. I would like to extend my condolences to the United States. We’re with the US people. We have a fight against terrorist groups in Syria and these groups have carried out many bloody attacks in our countries. With the support of the regime and its patrons, an attack on Idlib cannot be accepted. The attack will lead to the dispersion of terrorists and a new wave of migration. We agree with the President of Turkey’s explanation about intelligence sharing. Whoever uses chemical weapons is not acceptable. There are two different wars in Syria. There is a war against the terrorists, and the Syrian regime is in conflict with the opposition. This also causes large migrations. The Syrian people should have a say about their future. Transparent choices should be made. We want the constitutional committee to be approved as soon as possible. I welcome Turkey’s efforts concerning the return of asylum seekers appreciation. The return of these asylum seekers to their country is not credible unless a political solution is introduced.

MERKEL=I thank you for this invitation. It is necessary to find a solution not only politically but also politically. There is a humanitarian disaster in Syria. Half of the population is out of the country. I would like to point out that we are committed to not using chemical weapons. We must be able to contribute to the constitutional committee to meet until the end of the year. Such conflict cannot be solved militarily. We came together with an unusual format. It is very important that the political process is especially present at this time.


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